is an authorized representative of software development companies in Russia & CIS

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Long-term partnership for mutual benefits

From ensuring compliance to product launch, from contract signature to market success, AFLEX and their partners establish a win-win relationship which is built for the long run.

AFLEX – is an authorized representative of the leading software development companies in Russia and CIS countries.

If your company is a software developer and it is striving for distributing its software and services in Russia you should be more likely interested in searching for an adequate and safe partner, which you can rely on in the matter of promotion of your software. In order to effectively sell software, services and hardware in Russia you should have an official representative capable to provide a full range of services in promotion of software products on the territory of Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Your business have all the chances to enter the Russian market with its software and services if the partner company with which you work in Russia, have an understanding of how to deliver just your product to the market. As well as should it have a capacity to use the instruments adequate to your software products and services for its effective promotion on the regional markets.

By choosing AFLEX as an official distributor of your software, you get a reliable support and understanding of how to promote the product in Russia as well as all the instruments needed for it:

  • Access to the branched and active partners network, covering all the territory of Russia and CIS
  • Providing of the marketing support through mass media, distributors and software products resellers
  • Localization of software products and corresponding materials
  • Teaching and trainings of sales specialists and maintenance of software products
  • Organization of the local office of efficient technical support
  • And many more

Today the partners network of AFLEX consists of 1000 companies in the regions of Russia and CIS countries. For every vendor there is an individual approach in the company and special methods of promotion are being used that are at most adequate to the target audience and product (service).

The strategic goal of AFLEX – is a development of vendors business on the Russian market as well as all the software market in general, through promotion of the most demanded solutions oriented on end users and corporate clients. Success of realization of this goal is advantageous for everyone: software developers, its users and our numerous partners.

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is a part of Softline Group

5 main company's competences:
  • licensing, teaching, consulting, technical and legal support,
  • branches in 68 cities, 25 countries
  • IT solutions from more then 3000 vendors
  • More than 60 000 corporate clients
  • top partnership statuses from Microsoft, Oracle, Autodesk, IBM, SAP, Symantec, Kaspersky Lab, Adobe, etc.

Every new vendor, supported by AFLEX, is selling its solutions through Softline.

Ресурс 1Our Mission

Providing complete representation of vendor interests on emerging markets

Ресурс 2Our Strengths
  • Attention and individual approach to vendor
  • Full sales cycle - from
    publishing to after-sales support
  • Developing vendor from "0 to turnkey"
  • Largest partner's network (Russia & CIS)
  • Very strong marketing support